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Three Way To Geometrically Grow Your Real Estate Sales In 2021

Three ways to grow your sales in 2021

Most real estate agents grow their business incrementally and linear.  Meaning they may add 1 or 2 more sales per year.  Many hit a plateau or a comfortable income level and go into maintenance mode in an attempt to prevent a loss of sales the next year.

If you don’t have multiple proven and repeatable business generating strategies then each new year is quite scary.  I know it can be scary because I too lived in fear.  Fear of where my next sales would come from.  Fear that the deal won’t close.  Fear that I won’t be able to provide.  The fear I won’t have enough to retire someday.

I was told early in my career.  The best remedy for fear of a loss of closing or listing or client…

…is to have more closings, listings, and clients.

 When you have an abundance of opportunities, leads, clients, sales.  You move away from fear and start focusing on higher dollar productive activities.  

Three ways to grow your sales in 2021.  

If you grow your clients and you focus on increasing the size of the transaction and you increase the frequency of each purchase, you will increase your income by 100%, 200%, or more.

#1 – Grow the number of clients that know, like, and trust you.  These clients are motivated and qualified to transact with you when presented with the opportunity that meets or exceeds their criteria.

 #2 – Increase the size of the transaction.  In real estate, this will be focusing on raising your average sales price.  This can also be increasing your value to command a higher commission.  

#3 – Increase the frequency of each client’s purchase.  When was the last time you asked a buyer, “how many homes are you looking to purchase?”.   In my career, there are clients that will purchase multiple homes per year.   More frequency will include a systematic referral generating program.  

If you don’t focus on growing your sales geometrically you will always work harder for marginal results.  

The number of sales per year matters.  To geometrically increase your business 5, 10, 20 years from now you need to increase your past client database today.  

Think of a closing a past client that will over their life transact 2, 5, 7 sometimes 10+ more time with you.  A closing earlier in your career is worth WAY MORE than closing in your later career.   

Don’t aim at the wrong target(s) early in your career (15 years or less).  

2020 is wrapping up.  Based on the 2020 goal you set.  Are you where you want to be financially and personally?  Did you accomplish what you set out to do?

If so, wonderful!  There is more greatness ahead.  

If no, there is still time to learn how to grow geometrically and see growth and gains you never could have imagined.  

We’ve created a 15-minute exercise to uncover how you can grow geometrically in 2021.  Send me a note if you want the questions to answer to get the clarity you need for 2021.

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