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Top 3 Characteristics We Look For In Our Next Successful Real Estate Agent

Three characteristics we look for in our next successful Real Estate Agent

I look for the top three characteristics in my next successful real estate agent. These characteristics are what all employers and business owners are looking for, no matter if they run a landscaping company or a dentist’s office.

Key Points

Have to Grit; what obstacles have you overcome, and how did you do it?
Growth Mindset, we want people that want to grow personally and professionally.
Leadership, you need to lead and help guide the customer to a successful

So you got a very specialized four-year college degree like accounting, but you dread getting up every morning. You’re no longer passionate about the field. It turns out that it isn’t what you thought it was going to be, and you’re looking for other industries, another career change that will energize you, that you’re going to be passionate about, that you want to grow in.

The number one characteristic I look for in the human being I’m hiring on my team is grit. I often ask a potential new hire to tell me about a time when you overcame something in your past and achieved something. Or tell me about a time when you failed, and you persevered, and maybe the result wasn’t fantastic, but you didn’t give up. That’s what every employer wants to know. Things will go right most of the time but what they want to know is what are you going to do when things don’t go right? When you make a mistake, what will you do after the error? That’s what matters. And that’s grit.

Number two, have a growth mindset. Business owners, like myself, want people that want to grow personally and professionally. The growth mindset believes that they can learn if they continue pushing for it and seeking knowledge. They have the aptitude and the appetite for learning more and want to get better at what they do. This means that they put in maximum effort on and off the clock to learn and grow, and they also share what they learn with everyone around them to increase the collective genius of the company.

And the third thing I look for is leadership because it is essential that our customers can be successfully guided through a process. Your experience, confidence, and ability to take people down the right path will determine the outcome of many interactions. And it is essential that our clients are at ease and can follow the guidance of our agents. The person I’m looking for has leadership experience or seeks out leadership skills. They also seek out responsibility and aren’t scared of commitment. They want to contribute to the company’s whole and contribute to their client.

Those are the top three things I look for when hiring a successful new agent, and if you’re passionate about any of those three areas, you need to install these things in your resume. And you need to articulate these points at the interview. And then when you get hired, that’s what you should focus on because those areas are going to take you to the top. And the top isn’t necessarily the top of the company but to the top of your potential.

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