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Top 3 things to look past when buying a home in today’s market

I will share the top three things to look past when buying a home so that you can get the very best deal in today’s market. 

I’m telling you these top 3 things because I want you to get excited about buying a home! 

Go to our website and browse all the new inventory.

View all the new homes, previously owned homes, and raw land, there are some great opportunities out there.

If you are in search of a really good deal, you need to be able to look past a few things. Typically, this is where other buyers will get caught up. I’m going to give you the top 3 things to look past so you can maximize your home purchase.

1. Look past the appliances in the kitchen. 

Most buyers will go into a home and if the kitchen isn’t updated they automatically disqualify the house. They’re like, “oh no, the kitchen needs so much work. All the appliances are old and outdated.” 

But for those who can look past the outdated appliances, I believe that shortly there will be an oversupply of appliances. With appliances in such high demand and supply issues the past few years, and at some point, the overcompensation will saturate the market with inventory. This means that during the Holidays and Black Friday we could see some amazing sales and discounts. 

2. Look past some mechanical aspects like lighting and old heating systems because of current and future energy credit offers. 

Don’t like the lighting fixtures? An old water heater? No problem, with a cashback rebate you could have new fixtures and a new energy-efficient water heater at a discounted price. Just be on the lookout for these programs.

Government entities and the local PUD offer programs that pay you or give you big rebates to upgrade your home to make it more energy efficient. This could mean new LED lights and a new energy-efficient water heater. All these rebated upgrades will add value to your home and you will save some money on future electric bills.

3. Look past the list price. 

I know it sounds crazy, but don’t you look at it.

Go to and look at the homes. Find the ones you like, find the ones you can upgrade or improve, and don’t even look at the list price!

Then make an offer on what you think the home is worth. We’re seeing buyers take advantage of today’s marketplace because sellers really want to see some offers. The listing agents are telling us “give me an offer.” 

I’m not saying offering 40% below the list price is a good idea, but I’m saying you can come in at a fair price that is a good deal for you and a good deal for the home seller and you might be surprised. 

So look past kitchen appliances, look past old energy-sucking systems finding energy credits and then look past the list price. 

Keep your focus on the things you can’t easily change such as location, style of home, and the views.

The selection is out of this world right now and it is only going to get better the rest of the year.

Go to and take a look at all the good listings!

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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