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Top 5 Ways To Increase Your Sales Price Of Your Home…

After helping over 5000 clients buy and sell real estate we have picked up on what actually improves the sales price of your home.

Going into what could be the BEST Fall/Winter seller’s market EVER I felt this is perfect timing.

1. Paint – Fresh New Paint is undefeated when it comes to improving the value of a home.  ‘White’ paint colors are very popular and timeless in my opinion.  They sell very well.  It has been gray for years but, that is trending lighter.  

2. New Front Door – A new front door captures one’s attention and sets the tone for the showing.  Go with a good steel door and quarter light.  Nice new door handle and paint.  Yes, white.

3. Roof – If your roof is 20+ years old this is what you should do.  A new clean roof will make a big difference.  I normally don’t recommend this because of the cost but, with the market, this has great ROI.  And I have a roofer.  Send me an email if you want my roofing contractor’s contact.  He has done dozens for me this year in North Central WA.

4. Lighting – LED – Replace all your can lighting with new LED can lighting.  Replace all bathroom, ceiling fans, bedroom lights with new low-profile LED lighting.  Not only is this good for your power bill they look great and are not hot.

Note: If you live in Chelan County the PUD basically pays for the lights.

5. The biggest impact on any sales price is the agency you choose to market your home too.  The market is hot so, your home will sell but, will you get the most money?  We have a 10-year track record of beating the market averages and are smashing records because we never let up on our marketing.

E-mail me if you want a home evaluation or an expert on my team to walk your house to give you advice on what and what not to do to your home to get it ready for market in the next 1 to 24 months.

Best Regads,

NIck McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group


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