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Top 8 Home Health And Safety Concerns You Must Know About

I’ve observed thousands of home inspections, and here are the top health and safety concerns all homeowners should be aware of.

#1 – Exposed wiring, electrical wiring that’s exposed, or an older electrical panel, namely a Zinsco panel are fire hazards.

It’s probably the top reason for your home to catch on fire is your electrical. Old knob and tube is subject to higher insurance premiums and also higher risk of fire,

#2 – Old plumbing could break and cause a flood or damage to your property. The quality of your household water should also be considered.

#3 – Lead-based Paint – Homes built before 1978 are at risk of having lead-based paint. So you might have layers and layers of paint but under those layers, most likely have lead paint.

#4 – Asbestos – Homes built before the 1980’s chances are there’s asbestos in some of the materials, whether it’s in drywall or flooring. In fact, I had a house built in 1964 that we had tested for asbestos and they found it in the floor, the drywall, and the paint. It was nearly everywhere and we didn’t even know it.

#5 – A leaky roof or an older roof causes mold problems. I was once at a house and we opened up the attic and the attic was full of black mold. The homeowners didn’t know it until we had the home inspection.

#6 – Busy Roads – How busy is your street? What’s the traffic like, if you have kids or grandkids, busy streets can be a risk. Also, with heavy traffic comes heavy noise pollution. Chronic noise and disruption can take a toll on your health and safety.

#7 Stairs – Another health and safety issue is stairs. Stairs are the number one reason elderly people hurt themselves at home. A fall at home can cause a broken hip or a broken ankle.

Analyze your house, does it have popcorn ceilings, paint chipping/peeling,  old flooring, old appliances, old electrical, old plumbing? Think about whether or not you need to replace those items.  Is it time to buy something with newer construction?  

We’re here for the long haul.

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