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Understanding Who We Are

People asked me how our real estate group went from 1% market share to 20%. It is common for the hotsheet to have one of our agents on every single new transaction.

To understand our growth, you will never understand how we do it until you understand who we are.

Who is the Nick McLean Real Estate Group?

We are a POWER Brokers

We are action takers

We are fear hunters

We are the man in the arena

We are the crazy ones

We are the relentless ones

We are the brave ones

We are the leaders from all positions

We are the ones who take on responsibility

We are the ones who own all outcomes

We are the ones who problem solve

We are the ones who never give up

We are the ones who ask tough questions

We are the ones who you can count on

We are the most unselfish

We are ruthlessly cooperative within and fiercely competitive outside

We lead with our hearts and help others who are struggling

We are one with confidence and humility to ask for help

We leave judgment to the complainers and insecure at the door and embrace feedback

We are in this together.

We only believe in long-term relationships

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate
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