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Unleash Your Energy Today!

Here’s what I learned from a professional personality that pitched and sold $150,000,000 in collectibles on TV, helped launch the 2nd largest professional wrestling company in the US and even Will Ferrell did a skit about Don West on SNL…

…People buy your energy, not your product.

The energy you put off is your service. This energy is the experience.

If words are 8% of communication, then your energy is the other 92%

Before you meet with someone, check your energy because that better be at a 10 or you are not going to earn their business.

Piss poor energy; chances are that they will be uninspired to take action.

People can’t understand why they don’t get the same results as other people in the same line of work.

They are working just as hard. In many cases, harder and longer. I’ll bet my Prius it is their energy.

Have you ever met that person who has the worst luck? Something is always going wrong? Ask them how is it going? And they say you don’t want to know or okay in a self-pity, sort of way.

Their energy is sick. Nobody is inspired by their pity list.

Unleash your energy that inspires others.

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