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Wait To Purchase In The Spring Or Now In The Winter…

This is one of the most common questions we are being asked.  Should we wait to purchase in the Spring or keep looking in the Winter?

Read to the end for a pro-tip that will make you 10s of thousands.

Here is what I know.   I have personally made 3 offers for my benefit in November.  Because I know motivated sellers list their homes during the winter and that there are fewer buyers to compete against.  

As a buyer, you want less competition.  During the Summer a hot property would have 5-12 offers.  During the Winter it will be you and maybe another buyer.  The homes are of high quality.

Why would someone list during the winter?

Remember people don’t list because of the weather.  They list because of life changes.

  • Divorce
  • Kids moving out or in
  • Health
  • Opportunity
  • Job

And common this time of year.  They just finished their new home construction and are moving out of their existing home.

PRO-TIP – The best home sell in under 7 days.  The greatest deals sell in under 3 days.  Incredible deals sell in under 24 hours.  This means you need instantaneous notifications of new listings.   Our site can do this.  

Go to this site.  Set up your search criteria, location, price, beds…  Once you do that under the search bar, CLICK SAVE SEARCH!  

Now you can be notified immediately when new homes hit the market.  It is better than Zillow, Trulia and combined.  Because we don’t sell your info to other salespeople and lenders.


Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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