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Want To Retire? How To Get The Goal Post To Stop Moving…

We are experiencing the biggest housing surge (bubble) depending on your perspective EVER!  

Michael Burry the famous ‘Big Short’ investor that called the last housing crisis and made billions off of it just said about his thoughts on the market…

…” It is simple. the Greatest Speculative Bubble of All Time in All Things. By two orders of magnitude.”

Every market has two sides.  Winners and losers.  The winners will be those that decide to sell their home in 2022 and realize the equity that has been created.

This means bubbles are not bad.  It really depends on which side of the coin you land.  The good news is you get to decide where to land.

Right now, if you have owned a home for over 2 years you are sitting on a massive amount of wealth. 

This wealth could be your ticket to freedom. 

If you want to retire your home is your ticket.  Selling your home and downsizing or moving to another area or even renting are all options to consider.

I spoke with a homeowner in his 50s yesterday.  He is selling his house so, that he can retire.  He believes the timing is right in the market.  He will use the money to invest as well as purchase a home with lower expenses.

Another homeowner in their 60s is selling and will retire.  He and his wife will move closer to grandkids.  Their home is worth more here in Chelan than compared to where they will move to.  

I know you are not ready for someone to look at your home because you just read this e-mail.  However, we don’t care that the home isn’t ready.  We don’t expect you to list and sell it upon meeting us.

So, e-mail me and ask for an appointment for our team to value your home in Washington State so, that you can figure out how much ‘FREEDOM’ (equity) you have in your home in today’s market.

Or call our seller hotline today 509-255-8070

Nick McLean

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