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Wealth Is Not How Much You Make, It Is…

If you make $1 million and spend $1.01 million you are no better off than someone that makes $50,000 and spends $51,000.

You are better off than the so-called millionaire we talked about above if you make $75,000 and save $15,000 each year.

Now the question once you solve this riddle.  Don’t underestimate what I said above.  I know many real estate brokers how have made millions and have nothing to show for it except for lost time with their family and friends.

Once you make money what you do with it is much more important than how much you make.

Wealth is not what you spend.  Wealth is created by making money, saving as much as you can, and then acquiring assets that increase in value and make money.

Real Estate is one of those vehicles.  

Don’t overlook owning multiple homes…

…I have personally found it is just as easy to own 5 homes as it is to own 1 home.

The other 4 homes you rent out and make money each month.  This money is time to spend with who you want when you want, where you want for as long as you want.

Isn’t that the goal?

I like our website to look for real estate.  You can set up automatic alerts by setting up a search and saving it.

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