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Wenatchee Valley Real Estate Market Update December 2018

Wenatchee Valley Real Estate Market Update – December 2018!

Seasonally you would expect listings to drop but, 16%!! That is a sharp decline in listing inventory and a drop that will continue….until March!

That opens the door for savvy opportunistic home owners that would like to capitalize and increase their profit..

Sales are decreasing and with a drop in inventory we predict sales to continue to decrease until Q2 of 2019

Prices remain level hovering around $357,000 in Wenatchee….

Many buyers are saying prices are too high….what buyers should consider is the cost or affordability of home ownership…..

You see with interest rates around 4.5% that means affordability is still great….Imagine a 5.5% or 6% rate….changes the perspective quickly…

If you want a hard copy of the real estate report reach out!


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