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What Are Clients Are Looking For…

We have over 60,000 people search our site for homes per month.  Out of that group, we have a select group of buyers that MUST find a home NOW.   We need your help finding a home.

This is a good opportunity for a homeowner in North Central WA to sell their home without having to list it.  You choose the closing date, price, terms.  Most of these sales are without a home inspection.

Here is what we are looking for…

  1. East Wenatchee & Wenatchee homes – 3+ bedrooms, Min. 1+ Bathrooms, prefer to have a garage.  
  2. North Central WA home – On 1 acre or more.
  3. North Central WA home – fixer upper.  
  4. Lake Chelan home – That can be a vacation rental
  5. East Wenatchee & Wenatchee Condo
  6. Columbia River Waterfront home or land
  7. East Wenatchee & Wenatchee newer home built after 2012
  8. Other – Tell us what you have?

If you know anyone let us know. There is no obligation to sell.  They arrive at a price that would essentially make them move.

Text me at 509-670-1071 with the address.

Or you can e-mail me the address at

If you want to talk to our team about the program call 509-255-8070

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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