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What Has Worked For Our Team This Year…

What is working for our team that gets results.

Nobody could have predicted the 2020 real estate marketplace.

This is a principle that we all need to remember.  NOBODY can predict the future. 

Economists are no more accurate than your Uber Driver.

90%+ of financial advisers do not outperform the stock market.

PHDs in Meteorology can not accurately predict the weather past 7 days.  At 10 days, you are better off flipping a coin.

I’m going to share with you some principles our team lives by that has been paramount to our success in 2020.   Not to brag but, to put it into context.  Our team has sold 2 homes a day since COVID hit.

Rule #1 – Markets don’t slow down, only agents.  

Rule #2 – Don’t listen to the naysayers

Rule #3 – Increase cooperation increase success.

Rule #4 – Small hinges swing big doors.

Rule #5 – Surround yourself with like-minded ‘Growth Mindset’ people.  Your environment matters MORE than anything.

When COVID-19 hit we all were in shock.  We couldn’t go to the office, show homes, or meet with clients for new listings.  

How were we going to succeed?  That is the question we brainstormed.  When the storm hit, we didn’t hunker down.  We rallied together. 

We didn’t talk about relief plans, unemployment, and loans.  We talked about what can I do today to make a difference tomorrow.  

Do you know what a professional athlete does anytime they are in a slump?

They go back to the fundamentals.  

Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan beyond their skill level have the best fundamentals.

The first thing professional baseball players do when they get to Spring Training….hit off a tee like 8-year-olds.

Our team meets 4 days a week.  We meet and go over fundamentals, tactics, and strategy.  There is a neverending pursuit to learn and grow.  No matter the years of experience everyone has a human need to grow.  

We learn from each other what is working and not working.   Those that are having success get to teach.  And when you teach something you get to learn it twice.

Have you ever been so prepared when you had to do it in real life it was like you had done it before?

That feeling is what we seek.  We seek ‘FLOW’ that feeling of total awareness.  Where time slows down and you are your best self.  

The wonderful part about real estate is when we hit peak flow state we doing serving others.  It is a selfless state of abundance and giving.

Few things are better in this world.

I remind myself and the team, “We are not in the real estate business, we are in the human connection, human relationship, human experience business”.

This HOT market will end but, one thing that will remain is you and us.

Stay true to the thoughts and actions that matter.  

I’ve had a coach for the last 10 years.  No matter how successful I become I have blindspots.  I get lost and don’t know what to do next quite often.  If you are like me and need help and direction, send me a text and we can set up a 15-minute Zoom or phone call.  We will talk about your business and how to grow today.

Direct/Text – 509-670-1071 or email

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group 


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