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What Homes Are Being Listed In NCW…

Someone asked me what I would do if I started my real estate journey all over again.

My answer:

Why MOST real estate agents will sell under 22 homes in 2023…

…avoid these mistakes to avoid seeing your sales drop in 2023

#1 – They have no written goals for 2023 

#2 –  They don’t have a consistent lead flow from their company and self-generated

#3 – They don’t have a coach, leader, or training within their organization

#4 – They are concerned about what others will think about them and fear criticism

#5 – They hope the market is good so they can have a good year

#6 – They rely on their sphere of influence for sales but, don’t have a strategy to work their sphere

#7 – They miss phone calls and don’t return missed calls

#8 – They are not in an environment conducive for growth personally and professionally where they can learn and celebrate with other achievers

#9 – They will not invest in training outside of the minimum State requirements to remain licensed

#10 – They haven’t accepted the fact they are in sales and must commit to a daily pursuit of mastering their craft

#11 – They put in the part-time effort

#12 – They don’t have an effective strategy to convert leads into clients and clients into raving fans

#13 – They miss meetings and frequently do not come into the office because the office meetings are outdated and don’t add value that is relevant to today’s ever-changing real estate industry

#14 – They will wait until after the Winter to get serious again or when money gets tight

#15 – The consumer does not see their services as different than all the other agents and agencies in town

#16 – They don’t have a proven process that converts to follow when working with sellers and buyers

After coaching, leading, and training hundreds of agents that sell 22+ homes year after year, I have the solution for all 16.  If you are in real estate, I’m here as a resource for you.  

Send me an e-mail answering this question and I will give you expert advice. 

What is the single biggest challenge you have in your business today that if you fixed it would make the biggest impact?

Real Estate will not get easier in 2023.  There are more agents than ever.   

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
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