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What I Decided…

Last week, I asked you if I should sell my home.  

That was a crazy thought experiment because I’m the expert in selling homes. 

Here is the truth…

…I’m an expert in pricing, marketing, listing, and selling homes for more than anyone.   I’m not an expert in telling people to sell their homes, and here is why.

I believe the homeowner should decide to list or to stay.  Not the agent because the agent will always recommend listing their home.

So, I asked everyone, what do you think I should do.  Keep my home or sell it?  The feedback I got was on bothsides but, mostly sell.

Here is what I decided.

I decided not to sell my home but, to LIST MY HOME.

There is a big difference.  Listing my home doesn’t obligate me to sell it.  It does get me more information about the marketplace.  I’m going to list it at a fair price at the higher end of the range and test the waters.

The market is much different than it was 30 days ago.  Homes stay on the market longer.  Instead of ten showings in a week you will have two.  This gives me more time to think about the future of my home.

I checked with my team and we have capacity to list a couple more homes this week.

Do you want to list your home and test the waters? 

Reply to this e-mail with our address and we can go through our process and get your home listed without any obligation to sell.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

PS. You can go to to search through all the new listings to find out where you would go next.

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