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What Is The Difference Between Agents And Why Does It Matter To You…

Why 90% of homeowners are choosing a full-service brokerage over a traditional individual agent, and why you should, too.

It would help if you did not go about selling your home alone. 10% of people, shockingly, are still trying to sell their homes alone. And statistically, they’re selling you for 17% less than what they could get if they were to hire a Full-Service brokerage.

Not all agents are created equal. Not all agents have the same marketing budget or the same level of expertise. Not all agents can be trusted and have the same level of honesty.

When it comes to selling your home, you’re going to be paying a lot of money no matter what. Taxes, title, escrow, and commissions. Doesn’t it make sense to hire the best so that you can make sure that you receive the most money on the sale of your home?

Selling a home with an agent should have a level of service like the Four Seasons. That agent should schedule painters, cleaners, trash-out companies, and window cleaners. They should be able to stage your home. They should be able to get an inspector. They should have a professional photographer and videographer on staff. They should be willing to do a 3D walk-through for people looking at homes that live out of the area, like Bellevue, Seattle, and Redmond.

10% of buyers last year made offers sight unseen. It doesn’t make sense to have a broker that has a full suite of technological services so that you can reach that 10% of buyers that are busy making millions and ready to buy your home if only they could see it online.

Your home will sell, but who you choose is essential. There is a big Grand Canyon gap between service levels in the real estate industry. For example, some individual agents just got into real estate. Some traditional agents use 20-year-old antiquated techniques, and there are full-service real estates teams like the Nick McLean Real Estate Group built to utilize new plans and substantial marketing budgets.

Planning out your home sale will help you maximize the value of your home when you do decide to put it on the marketplace. Give us a call because we’re helping people with low-cost, no-cost improvements and advice for remodeling projects so that every dollar they put into their home gets a return on that dollar.

Call the Nick McLean Real Estate Group for a free no-obligation home evaluation. And if you are not quite ready to sell but want to start planning, reach out for some free advice on how you can maximize your home for a top-dollar sale in the future.

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