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What Questions To A Listing Agent Before I Hire Them?

What should I ask a listing agent before I hire them to sell my home?

Cortlin Martin the Director of Sales for the Nick McLean Real Estate Group shares some common questions people should ask when interviewing an agent to help sell their home.

The Nick McLean Real Estate Group is divided into two sections. Listing specialists who work exclusively with sellers. And buyers specialists that work with home buyers. This means that when you work with an agent at the Nick McLean Real Estate Group they are focused, specialized, and set up to maximize the success of their client, no matter if they are buying or selling.

The first question that many people ask is what do you charge? What’s your commission? It’s important to identify and understand what that commission gets you in value and how that correlates to your end result. Not all listing packages are the same across the industry. They can differ from listing agent to listing agent, company to company. You want to make sure that your listing agent is articulating their value as it applies to the commission.

Another important question would be what is your marketing strategy and what is that going to do for me as a seller? Again, not all agencies have the same level of marketing.

What is your monthly marketing budget? Do they use places like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Facebook, and Google to list and advertise your house for sale?

How many homes have they sold? Whether that’s this month or last year. Unless you’re a listing specialist, most agents really don’t list or sell that many homes. They might list 10 and only close two of them. Whereas a listing specialist, an agent who focuses exclusively on selling homes, and that’s all they do. They typically have more time to devote to their clients, they have specialized skill-sets, and are expert negotiators when it comes to getting homes sold for top dollar on their clients’ terms.

Please feel free to reach out to Cortlin Martin or anyone at the Nick McLean Real Estate Group if you have any questions about purchasing a home or even selling your current home.

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