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What Really Sells A House For The Most…

What really sells a home for the most money…

I get asked all the time…

…How can you sell nearly 2 homes a day in North Central WA?

You see, the average agent sells 7 homes a year.  Our team will sell 600 in 2020.  That is a big difference…An 85X difference.  And the secret I’m going to share with you is the same reason your home will fetch much more money when you ever decide to sell.

‘Visual Stimulation’  

The sub-conscience mind can not tell the difference between a vivid photo and video and the real thing.  

Think about it.  Ever been to a movie theatre and were scared, laughed, cried, and excited?

Marketers have been utilizing visuals to stimulate you for decades.  When stimulated your body releases chemicals and hormones that make you MUCH more likely to act and buy.

In real estate and your home.  The single most important stimulus is the photo.  

A few years ago we hired a full-time professional photographer and video person to our team.  We didn’t hire someone with real estate photo experience.  That would be too obvious and boring.  Not stimulating. 

We hired someone with outdoor and nature photography experience.  Let me explain.  Last night, I was watching National Geographic, “Planet Earth” and my daughter was glued to the TV with her mouth dropped.  She was laughing when the fox jumped in the snow.  And she was jumping for joy when the monkey was swinging from tree to tree.  Then as the drone aerial photos were shown of the high mountain tops we were blown away.

It made us want to go outside and do something special.

That is what the photos and videos of your home should do…

…They should make a buyer want to go out and buy it.

98% of everyone searches for homes on the internet.  The first thing they look at in the photos.

Our photos and video are different because we have used different angles, lens, lighting, and aerial shots.

Do you know when the best time is to take photos that get the most money when you sell?

In the Fall right before Winter.

Most people think it is Spring or Summer because of the flowers.  That is wrong.  The lighting is too harsh and bright.  

Here is a secret.  Many of our clients get their photos done now and we hold onto them until the Spring.

Kevin our photographer told me he has time to shoot 6 extra homes that are going to list in the Spring or Summer 2021.  

If you want to get National Geographic level photos of your house with drone aerial video…reply to this email with your address.

Click reply and say yes and give us your address.

We will reach out and schedule a time and day to come over and take photos.  

These photos are free to you, ($649 value).  

We will hold these photos in our archive until you are ready to list your home for sale.

Don’t worry about projects.  We get to pick and choose what rooms to take photos of.  We can skip the attic, garage, extra bedroom with boxes in it.

We do want to hit the main rooms, living room, kitchen, exterior.

Reply now and ask for your free set of professional photos.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Text – 509-670-1071

PS – If you want to get a FREE Home Equity Report ($500 value) when you reply ask for that as well.  Kevin will bring one of our trained listing partners that are experts in valuing homes.  The report will show you 3 to 6 recent comparable sales.  We will make adjustments showing you how much money you would walk away with if you ever sold.  

Nick McLean / Nick McLean Real Estate Group / 509-255-8070

Our mailing address is:

Nick McLean Real Estate

29 S Wenatchee Ave

Wenatchee, WA 98801-2266

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