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What Rooms To Focus On Before You List Your Home…

Best rooms to focus on when getting your home ready to list.
What should you do to get your home ready for pictures and your first showing? is one of the most common questions we get. And it’s something that you have control over, that you can make a difference in terms of how much money your home will sell for when it hits the marketplace. And the best time to prepare your home for the market is when it’s not on the market.

Staged homes sell for more money. Staging doesn’t mean adding more furniture. It actually means removing a lot of things. The key is to start in the right areas of your home because most people don’t have the time or the energy to clean their entire home spotless, top to bottom. Do you have the time? Probably not. You can’t declutter your entire house. There’d be nothing left. You’d be moved out. And you’d need 10 storage units. So let’s go in the most impactful order of what rooms to start with first to prepare your home for the market.

Number one, the most important room to start in is the living room. As you walk in the door, what room do you see first? For most homes, it’s the living room. If it’s not the living room, start there. Pretend you’re the buyer, when you walk into the home which room do you see first? This is the perfect place to make a lasting impression.

Stage means you need to clean it up. Get it super sparkly, clean. Shampoo the carpets, update the flooring if the carpet’s old. Paint it a neutral color, like white. Update the lighting. Take out all personal items, like family photos, minimize memorabilia, artwork, or anything that is your taste, but not necessarily someone else’s taste. And clean up the windows.

The second one is the front entrance of your house. It’s not even a room. It’s actually the porch or the front door. Do you need to upgrade the front door? I tell a lot of people, paint the front door or replace it with a new steel door. Number one ROI, return on investment, is a new front door. Other upgrades might be potted plants? In the wintertime, remove any snow. Do anything that will enhance the buyer’s first impression.

So you have the living room, you have the front entrance and then you have the kitchen. And people spend a ton of time in the kitchen so you want to make it pop. Staging the kitchen includes countertops clear, freshening it up with paint, removing items from the refrigerator(photos), maybe a new backsplash, new lighting, and updating appliances if they’re old. And some beautiful hand towels that freshen it up.

The final room is to pick a bedroom. I would pick the master or the biggest bedroom. Because I know this, I’ve shown thousands of homes, the buyers are going to go into the bedroom and wonder whether or not their stuff fits, including a big bed. Try to make your bedroom look like you can easily fit a king-size bed and a couple of dressers. That’s your goal. Clean floors, fresh paint, and clean windows can also brighten up the space

So those are my tips for you guys. Start with the living room, front door, kitchen, and bedroom. Then if you have the time and energy start cleaning up the rest of the home. Hope this helps take some of the stress out of the listing process. See you next time.

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