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What To Do About Your Home That Is Too BIG

We’re having many clients come to this realization: the home they own is now way too big; it is not optimized for their lifestyle today.

Do you want a better home gym or a dedicated office space?

Would you like a more oversized garage but a smaller home with higher quality fixtures?

Sometimes less is more when your home is optimized for your lifestyle.

After COVID and the pandemic, many people realized that the home they own isn’t ideal. It’s not an excellent fit for the life they are leading now or the life they want moving forward.

Many people sit in big homes with big basements, five bedrooms, or huge yards. And for a long time, all that extra space was great. But the kids have grown up, and they have moved out, and now you have all these empty rooms that are just collecting dust.

Maybe it’s time to think of that wasted space as unutilized equity because that space in your house is worth something, and you’re not using it. It’s like having a nice car and never driving it. Right?

People realize that they want quality over quantity. So they’re selling these massive homes because there is a great seller’s marketplace right now. They’re achieving enormous, huge high prices, vast amounts of equity.

What are they doing after they sell for top dollar? They’re buying homes that are ideal for their lifestyle, suitable for their situation, suitable for the freedom to allow them to go traveling in their new RV—not having to worry about mowing their one-acre parcel every two weeks or cleaning a giant home.

But Beware: At some point, it’s going to be a buyer’s market. And when that buyer’s market hits, you’re going to have to remodel that home to get it sold.

In 2022, you can sell your home without having to remodel it because it’s a seller’s market, and with limited inventory, people are willing to buy homes that need to be redone. This won’t last forever.

Time is of the essence. If you’re in a large home, will you use it?

Are you going to grow the number of people living with you?

Are you going to increase your desire to mow a lawn and do major landscaping for the rest of your life?

Are you going to grow a desire to stay home more often and travel less in the future?

Because if you’re going to grow that desire, stay where you’re at, but if you desire to travel more, have less yard work, or be tied down less to a giant home in a vast yard. Maybe it’s time that you think about selling your big home…but don’t wait too long!

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