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What Type Of Agent Will Grow In 2022?

The successful real estate agent of the future…

Will the agent of today be the agent of tomorrow?

There is no other industry being attacked by technology more than real estate.   

Silicon Valley engineers from MIT, Stanford, and Harvard are working day and night developing technology to make buying and selling a seamless transaction.  

I know this for a fact.  I’ve seen what Zillow is working on.  It is ambitious and will disrupt our industry if they succeed.

It is a race for the consumer.  Not to sell the home or to get a listing.  

It is a race to meet the consumer’s demands and expectations.  

The agent of the future will meet these demands and expectations or go by the waist side.  

Who is your number #1 competitor?  Windemere?  Keller Williams?  Re/Max?  Top Agent ‘A’, Top Salesperson ‘B’?



When you order on Amazon…

How long before you expect a confirmation that it worked? 

How long before you expect your package delivered to your front door?  

How often do you expect it to work?  

The consumer is us.  We know what we expect.  We want things to work…period.   No excuses, no lag time, immediate response, and confirmation.

The real estate agent of the future compares themselves to Amazon, not a fellow Realtor.   

The consumer doesn’t compare us to one another.  We are the only ones comparing ourselves. 

To meet the consumer’s expectation who many hours a day do you need to be available if you are working by yourself?

Yes, 24/7.  

The agent of the future has systems, human support, and technology that allow them to meet the consumer’s needs and have a normal life outside of the real estate.

This includes but, not limited to. 

A staff that does the listing input, marketing, photos, sign installations, lockbox installations, schedules showings, opens up the escrow, coordinates the transaction, works with the lender, responds to new consumer requests through chat boxes, email, and phone calls setting new appointments for you.

Technology, that the consumers enjoy using to find homes, values their homes, generates leads, schedules showings, meets consumer requests automatically, and delivers their information to your inbox in the morning.

These systems of people and technology already exist and are on a mission to win the consumer and be the solution for their seamless transaction.

Nick McLean

PS.  Want to know what our team is doing to win the race to meet the consumer’s expectations and how that allows our agents to have a life and make more money?

Send me a private e-mail to schedule a 5 minute call.  You will walk away with something that will grow your sales in 2022.

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