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When is the housing bubble going to pop?

Dear Fellow Washington Homeowner,

I have two questions for you.

Did you intend on selling your home before the housing bubble pops?

Reply with “y” or “n”. For example, send me “y” for yes, I’m planning on selling in the next 0-9 months or “n” for no I’m staying no matter what.

Would you like 5 easy housing tips to maximize your home’s value?

Again, reply with a “y” or “n.”

If you answered yes, to the above we will give you 5 housing tips via e-mail that will maximize your value.  These tips can increase the sale of your home up to 18% more than traditional methods.  

The housing market is experiencing a bubble in NCW.  Low-interest rates and Urban flight from Seattle to Eastern WA have caused prices to jump up over 10% in 6 months.

We have studied the marketplace and believe we have a window of 6 months.  The Spring market may be too late to cash in on the new and temporary equity in your home.

The average home in North Central WA has $43,000 more in equity since COVID-19.  This may not stay.

Talk to you soon.  Nick McLean – 509-255-8070

PS.  If you don’t want to wait to find out your home’s value go to to get a free online valuation.

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