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When Should You Break-Up With A Buyer?

You Can’t Please Everyone.

The reality is, some people don’t want to be pleased. This includes some of your buyers right now.

And these buyers? Well… they have to go.

Listen, just like a listing that is overpriced won’t sell, the buyer who is underqualified in this market, is unrealistic, and refuses to heed your advice won’t be pleased or find what they won’t either.

This buyer MUST go!

Don’t ignore them effectively dumping them with a cold shoulder that will come back to haunt you. Bad Karma. Come from a place of contribution.

Have a conversation that can continue to guide their journey.

Offer to get them in contact with someone that would best fit their current scenario, one that would be best to show them homes from this point.

In addition, you don’t have to work with anyone that isn’t nice, disrespectful, or inappropriate.

No need to lose sleep over a rude client. We have all done it and it isn’t worth it.

You deserve more! And there is an abundance of clients that would love to have attention from a skillful agent right now!

Find Buyers that want a guide, not a hero!

You give professionalism to your clients, so you must demand they give professionalism back.

Don’t show homes to buyers with bad credit unless they have PROVEN alternative means. Cash, owner financing, etc.

Don’t show homes to buyers that say the market is going to crash.

Don’t show homes to buyers that blame you directly for things out of your control.

We have 100’s, if not 1,000’s of buyers. Focus on finding the motivated ones.

Now, “motivated” doesn’t mean “desperate”

Motivated means they are willing to listen to your professional advice and pull the trigger based on that advice.

Give advice and hold your clients accountable for their actions or inactions.

Some clients need tough love, so give it to them.

They will either “step up”, or “step out”.

Don’t be scared, you WILL lose a client over giving advice.

But that’s not on you, that is what they need you for… your advice.

Be honest, but not brutally honest.

Express care and empathy with your advice.

Don’t criticize or condemn. No judgment either.

But they will need tough love.

The best coaches on the planet can see the greatness in people but in order for them to get people to grow, they must shine a light on areas where they can improve.

Just as you advise your clients with information and strategies that they may have overlooked or didn’t know about.

They may not be aware of some of their mistakes and blindspots.

Don’t be afraid to be the light that shines on their weaknesses, so that they can become their strengths.

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