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Where And When Do We See Growth In Our Business?

When and where do I get better?

Every successful person has asked this question.

The average person asks HOW to get better or what should I do to get better and never sees the peak of the mountain. Why?

When you are seeking what to do and how to do it. Your mind thinks once you know it the growth happens. But, how many of us know what to do?

Do you know what to do to lose weight? Yeah, eat healthily and work out.

Do you know how to accumulate money? Yeah, spend less than you save.

Do you know how to make more sales? Yeah, call and connect with more people and talk about my product or service.

But, what holds people back when they know what to do but, they still don’t see growth? They are chasing the growth spurt and not embracing the plateau.

Here is the secret…

Growth happens when you put in the workday after day.

Growth happens when you least expect it.

Growth happens when you haven’t seen any growth but, continue anyway.

Where growth happens is at a plateau. The plateau is when your brain will search for the next How and What should I do now?

Your brain…

…It’s not working?

Your ego…

…try something new.

Mastery comes in spurts and only after putting in the workday after day. The truth is you are getting bigger each day you put in the work you just can’t see it.

Transformations come over years not over…

…the Promise of Results Challenges…7 days or 30 or even 90 Days Hard.

Stay committed to the plateau.

Have a belief that over time you will transform.

Those seeking Transformations don’t focus on results.

They focus on the process.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Real Estate Greatness

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