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Where Did All The Leads Go?

The top website portals (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor) have made a strategic play for 2023.

They want to work with the top advertisers in each market versus needing to sell to individual agents.

Makes sense. Why have to sell to 10 thousand agents when you can sell to 100 and make the same amount.

​I have the privilege to be connected with the top agents and owners in North America. That is why I know this information.

Our office landed a deal with the portals that will bring an additional 200+ phone calls a month with live qualified buyers and sellers.

​How would your business look in 2023 if you had another 20 real leads a that lead to appointments per month?

​Would you sell another 5 homes, 10 or 25+?

​Many of you will double your net profit after all splits with this access

​Don’t be shy…reach out and text me 5096701071 and let’s talk about this opportunity.

​I calculate we need 20 more experienced agents.

​Nick McLean
​Nick McLean Real Estate

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