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Where do you want to call home?

This morning on the way to school I listened to my daughter complain about having to write poetry.

She’s a freshman in honors English. She doesn’t care for the similes, metaphors, or descriptive words required to write these “painful” words.

She read me her first poem about where she is from.

Her honest and simple description of her life in the orchard drove home the meaning of HOME and knowing where you are from.

She said she is from ” callused hands and oil stains.”

From a “work hard play hard way of living”.

From “planting seeds and pulling weeds”.

How would you describe where you come from?

When we speak of where we are from we are talking to the heart of things… our home.

I’m not giving a poetry lesson more of an observation of home.

The four walls that protect you and more than that… the feeling of home you bring to the walls.

Simply, we purchase a home because of the way we think it will make us feel.

Safe, wealthy, beautiful, connected with family or friends, community.

Awareness and thankfulness are the two keys to knowing what kind of a buyer you are. How you want to create your Home within your walls.

Where do you want to say you come from?

Lara Kenoyer
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Client Experience Manager

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