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Where Is The Biggest Opportunity For Growth In 2021…

Where is the biggest opportunity to grow in your business?


If you are anything like me the 4th Quarter means I need to start to prepare for the next year.  

You might sell a couple more homes in the next 30-45 days that will close in 2020.  For the most part, what you sell this year will roll into 2021.  

Jan., Feb., and March are traditionally the lowest commission months of the year for real estate agents.  The only way to avoid a goose egg ‘0’ sales in one of those months is to start preparing today.

Early in my career, I worked in the Lake Chelan real estate market.  The unique thing about Lake Chelan Real Estate is it is only 12 weeks long.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day.  The rest of the year is essentially Winter. 

What I found after doubling my sales for 4 straight years is that 85% of my sales…

…the initial contact with the lead/client originated in the 4th and 1st quarters.  During the winter months.

Let me expand on the numbers.  In 2010, I sold 32 homes.  27 of those leads/contacts originated in the Winter months and they purchased during the Summer months.  

This means if I did not prepare with a systematic follow-up plan during the Winter, I would have sold 5 homes in 2010.  

There is a big income gap from 5 homes to 32 homes.  In fact, that is the year I paid off mine and my wife’ss student loans.  That would not have happened with 5 or even 15 sales.  

As you move into the new year and new goals. 

It is not about doing 1000 things, 7 times.  It is about doing 7 things, 1000 times.

Looking back on 2020, what are areas of your real estate business if you were to do 1000 times would have changed your results?  

For many of us, it would be more calls, contacts, appointments.  Or having more leads or opportunities.

For some having a system and presentation that produces a higher conversion rate at the listing presentation or showing the home to agreements.

Whatever area it is that will give you the biggest growth in 2021…

…I can promise you is available to you.  

It comes down to resourcefulness.  The information is out there and there are groups that have the resources you need to grow your business.

After helping agents produce 6 figure income year after year.  I’m here for you as a resource.  

Reach out anytime.  Find me on at

Send me a friend request.  

Send me a private message anytime you have a question about growing your business.

Thank you,

Nick McLean


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