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Who Do You Know That Would Do Well In…

Our team Nick McLean Real Estate Group is growing and in search of 50 real estate brokers in North Central WA and throughout Washington State.

They don’t need a real estate license to apply because we offer real estate scholarships to pay for their training to get a license.

As a former commercial pilot, I felt stuck because my growth was determined by my age and seniority number. In real estate, our growth is determined by our attitude, efforts, and growth.

Experienced or new to the real estate industry our training will give specific and measurable action steps that work. A lot of people shy away from real estate because it is 100% commission. They hear stories that it takes 6 months to 1 year to make money. That is true but, are averages. Our team isn’t average. There are opportunities to make 6 figures and multiple 6 figures. If you are good $50-$75k, great $100-120k, and superstar $200k+.

Flexible hours and career. Our team works remotely and has flexible hours. You don’t have to miss family events again.

If you know anyone that has a career but, isn’t happy send them this email.

If you know anyone that would be a great agent and is a team player send them this email.

Have them e-mail me directly asking for more details.

We are going to hire 50 but, 10 at a time.

Nick McLean

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