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Why GROWTH is the ONLY Target? (Video)

Every agent that I talk to wants more sales or more time!

Once the agent has more sales, that agent now wants more time.

What if you could discover a way to have both more sales and more time?

Have you thought about what comes next What?

That’s the secret.

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I’ve been training successful agents over the last decade to discover more sales and more time… I’ve been fortunate to be apart of 5,000+ transaction with these agents as they grew their business.

After selling 62 homes on my own I had to find ways to improve my systems through three levers…

People, process, and technology so that I could achieve the holy grail in real estate of selling more homes but also producing more time.

What I discovered once I had both time, and more sales is there was only one thing that really mattered to me.

Absolutely, one thing that mattered, and that was personal and professional growth.

As long as I was getting better in my personal life and my professional life, I felt fulfilled.

Prior to that, when it was all about sales, if my sales went down, I felt bad. Most of the time it was outside of my control but, I still felt disappointed.

This is why growth is the only target.

You can find growth even when your sales go down because you have different levers.

You have identified the only buckets in your life that matter.

I’m going to share with you the four buckets that I identified for myself.




Mountain bike racer

Once you discover how to get both sales and time, you need to focus on growth.

I’ve had the privilege and honor to help coach, train, and lead dozens and dozens of agents throughout Washington.

In fact, right this moment we have agents with 11 pending sales. Another one, eight pending sales.

We have a real estate agent that’s closed over $10 million in volume on pace for $30 million in sales.

We have mutliple agents that are probably going to close over $30 million in sales in a marketplace of 55,000 people.

They’re doing that because they are committed to growth.

They’ve found an environment, a community, a team that is conducive for them to choose to be productive each and every day.

So they show up to work, and they have the support already built in.

Those leverage systems that I discovered 10 years ago.

Now they have productivity and time so that they can focus on areas of growth in their life.

If you’re a real estate agent in Washington State, heck, if you’re a real estate agent in the United States reach out to me.

I’m going to help you find that growth.

I’m going to help you find those areas that you can grow in.

First, we’re going to help you be productive.

Once you’re productive, we’re going to help you stay productive and increase your time.

So that you can focus on those growth areas in your life.

If you’re an agent locally, I’m here to help you sell more homes, and I’m here to find that more time in your growth area.

If you want to grow, reach out to me. You can send me a private message here on Facebook.

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