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Why I Originally Got My Real Estate License And It Is Not What You Expect…

I had an ah-ha moment. It was really a moment when I remembered something that I had forgot about. Does that ever happen to you? You remember a thought you once had?

I remembered one of the biggest reasons I originally got my real estate license. I had been laid off and unhappy at my current job and I was exploring career options that I could fall back on in case my first career did not work out.

I decided real estate was the perfect fallback career. It wasn’t what I went to college for but, it was a field that had unlimited earning potential, it was challenging, and I have always wanted to own real estate.

Real estate was my plan ‘B’. Real Estate was my insurance policy against losing my job or being so unhappy at my job that I needed a change.

I remember at the very least if I was licensed as a real estate broker, I would need the experience to help me invest in real estate.

And the bonus was when I bought an investment or a new home I would make a commission!

My personal goal is to award 50 real estate license scholarships. These can be awarded to people with other jobs and careers. They are available anywhere in the country.

If you know someone that could benefit from a real estate license. Send them this email or if it is you reply to this email that you are interested in getting your real estate license.

The reason, I’m doing this is because a real estate license changed my life beyond what I ever thought was possible. And it is time to give back.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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