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Why Won’t Other Real Estate Agents Offer A Guarantee Home Sale Program? Homeowners Need To Know Why?

After ten years, why are we still the only real estate office to provide a guaranteed sale program…

…for homeowners throughout North-Central Washington and Eastern Washington?

We have a program where we guarantee to sell your home for the most money or we buy it.

We’ve done this program for ten years with massively successful results. 

Homeowners are selling their homes for more money than ever, and at the same time, they have surety with a timeline that fits their needs. 

Clients have taken advantage of this offer so that they can.

#1 Purchase another house

#2 Move to another area

#3 Take a job in another state

#4 Have the ultimate confidence that you need when it comes to selling your home. 

Why hasn’t anyone else copied us? They’ve seen it. They see the results. 

I know the market’s been hot, but why haven’t they copied us? 

They certainly can. 

Here are the top three reasons why a real estate agent doesn’t offer a guaranteed sale program.

Key points:
Most agents couldn’t personally afford to fund an offer this big.
Most agents believe that the market sells homes, not marketing.
Most agents are trying to be very risk-averse and put in just enough money to sell the house and no more.

#1 – A real estate agent can’t financially afford to buy your home.

If they list your home and it doesn’t sell in 60 days, they can’t afford to buy all their listings that don’t sell. 

Most real estate agents sell about 7 to 10 homes a year, which means they make anywhere between 30,000 and 100 thousand dollars a year

That’s certainly not enough to be buying multiple houses a year. Maybe one, but they couldn’t offer that program long-term.

#2 – Traditional agents believe that the market sells the home, not their marketing. 

Why would they want to buy a home if the market crashes? 

That’s too risky. Right? 

They will have to buy your home and hold onto it until the market turns around.

The market selling homes, not marketing, is a reactive way to sell homes, and we think the opposite. 

We believe that great marketing sells homes, not the market.

#3 – Agents want the ultimate return on investment with the least amount of risk.

When they get a listing, they want to put in the least effort and make the most money. 

The problem is that putting in the least effort means taking the least amount of risk. They already have to shell out money for pictures and possibly some marketing, so they try to minimize how much they pay out because there is always a chance that the home won’t sell for what the seller wants, and they discontinue the listing contract.

These are a few reasons that real estate agents don’t offer the guarantee sale program.

The reason we continue to provide a guarantee after ten years is we know that sellers want options. 

Sellers need to know where they’re going to go before putting their homes on the market. 

They gain comfort and confidence knowing it will be on their timeline, and they’re going to know precisely how much they’re going to walk away with.

With a guaranteed sale, our clients can go out there and not make a contingent offer, pay less money for great homes, and get the best homes on the marketplace, so it’s a win-win.

You have a unique situation for selling your home, and you need special programs.

A one size fits all listing program for you is not enough. 

If you want to know what your home’s worth in today’s marketplace, we’ll give you a free no-obligation home valuation. 

Just Google our name, Nick McLean, or us a call 509.255.8070, and we’ll get right on it.

If you want to know about our guaranteed sale program, reach out to us today.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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