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Why would a real estate agent fire their client?

There are levels to everything.  There are new, amateur, novice, professional, and experts in all fields and industries.  The difference between a part-time amateur real estate agent and the highest level expert is the difference between a private pilot and a Blue Angel’s F-16 Fighter Pilot.

The average attorney charges $200 per hour while the expert commands $1000s.  The best medical surgeons are paid 10s of millions while the local surgeon makes a fraction of that amount.

People below the expert level are order takers in all fields, while experts are advice-givers.  

It drives me crazy to meet a contractor to build a house or do a remodel project, and they ask me, “what do you want?” and I say, “what do you recommend?” and they say, “I will do whatever you want me to do?”

That person is not an expert because they are just an order taker.  They will gladly make repairs, modifications, and changes that don’t benefit my life as long as it is my choice.

The facts are that I’m not a master carpenter. I’m an amateur at best.  I don’t know what is best; I don’t have the knowledge, skills, or abilities to make a recommendation, and that is why I called you.

An expert will make recommendations based on the facts that will significantly impact your lives. 

So, why would a real estate agent fire their client?  Only expert real estate agents, fire clients, and they will because the client is not open to expert recommendations.  

It is a rare event because experts don’t take on all clients.  They are very selective about whom they choose to work for on a listing or as a buyer.  The critical difference between an amateur and an expert is an expert doesn’t work with everyone.  An amateur will work with anyone because they lack the service demand and are happy someone is there to work with. 

Experts are always in high demand because they produce results.  

I guarantee expert recommendations and pricing at our firm.  If you’d like to know your home’s value, please send me an e-mail with your address.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

PS – Call 509.255.8070 to talk to an expert today.

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