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Why Would An Experience Agent Join A Team?

Why are experienced agents joining teams?

Why would an experienced agent of 30 years join the Nick McLean Real Estate Group?

Greg Wright hares our mission to advance the real estate industry with overall quality and service.

The only way to accomplish this mission is to work for and help build the number one full-service firm in the industry.

As a leader at our company, I know I have to provide our agents with the best relevant training, tools, support, leads, and community because agents need all these things to provide our clients the best service in the industry.

A Full-Service Agency: innovation, technology, and an organization based on the client’s needs.

Sometimes things don’t always go as we’ve planned them in life. Fortunately, sometimes they go better.
Greg Wright, managing broker and listing partner with the Nick McLean Real Estate Group is excited about what’s going on with real estate in the Wenatchee Valley. Greg has spent his whole life in the real estate industry.

Greg has seen all different types of things happen with the economy, with jobs, with financing, and one of the things that are constant in the real estate industry is change.

In 2005 Greg moved to Central Washington to pursue a real estate career.
Greg had a chance to work with a couple of different agencies and found himself at a place where he was ready to make a change.

While looking around at his options, which included some of the larger firms that had would have quite a bit to offer.

Greg realized that in some of these larger firms, some of his clients would inevitably get lost in the shuffle.

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