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Will August Bring More Listings To NCW?

If you are like most buyers in NCW the low inventory has made it tough to buy a home.  That is about to change.  Here is why…

…Seasonally inventory is higher in August.  

…There is a rush to sell before the school year.  People always procrastinate.  This should have been done in June but, life is busy and most remodel projects got extended.

…New construction is starting to wrap up.  There will be hundreds of new homes to choose from.

As new homes hit the market this will alert other homeowners that the time to sell could be closing.  So, they will decide to sell.

Time to start up your search again for homes.  CLICK HERE to see all the homes on the market.

Be sure to save your search that way you can be alerted of new listings as they hit the market.

OWN A HOME?   CLICK HERE to get a free online home evaluation.  

There is still time for our team to get your home ready and on the market before all the other sellers do.

You can always talk to a real expert human that won’t try to sell you anything at 5092558070.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Text me if you see a property you like 5092558070

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