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Winter’s Impact On North Central WA Real Estate…Mainly Prices

How much will the Winter Months affect the real estate market in North Central WA?

Nobody wants to move in the Winter.

True but…

“I love to move!”  Said Nobody EVER.

I’m asked every Fall/Winter…

Nick, “Is it a good time to sell, or should we wait until the Spring?”

Because I’m asked this question hundreds of times a year I did my research.  Most agents will tell you it is always a good time to buy or sell.  We all know that is BS.  Here is what I found out.

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I was shocked by what I discovered.    Keep reading and I will explain why this is important and how it can make you $10,000 more money when you sell.  

18% of all the homes that will sell throughout the year will sell during the winter months.

Compared to 28.5% in the Spring. 

Now here are the insights that are important to homeowners.    Remember PRICE is a function of supply and demand…

…Demand is created by the agent you hire to market your home (EXPOSURE).

…Supply is the number of active homes on the market at any one time.

Why is it that 10% fewer homes sell in the Winter?  

Because there is no new SUPPLY!!!!   Everyone is waiting for the Spring.

Here is lies the opportunity.  If you want to get top dollar for your home.  Does it make sense to be on the market with MORE or FEWER competitive homes?  

Right, FEWER homes!

Therefore, list in the Winter.  

WARNING – There is a time not to list in the Winter.  E-mail me to find out.

Listing in the Winter is like eating a blowfish.  You have to know how and when to do it.  

When done right listing in the Winter can produce 2% more money. ($10,000).  And many sellers negotiate a move out date in the Spring.  It is a win-win.  

Buyers are different in the winter compared to the Spring.  In the Spring buyers are plentiful and many are not serious at all.  Our team can tell you this fact. 

We handle hundreds if not, thousands of calls in the Spring of Summer from buyers that are not motivated, not serious, or not even pre-qualified with a lender.

During the Winter, we find buyers are motivated, serious, and are cash or pre-approved with a lender. 

If you are anything like me you only want seriously motivated buyers going through your house.  

Nobody is ever ready to list their home.  The 1st step is to find out what it will sell for and where you can go next.  

CLICK HERE to get a home value online or Text your ADDRESS for a home value – 509-670-5532

After that, if you are inclined.  We can send a real human being to your house that is expertly trained in valuing homes during the winter months.  This is free and during the tour, they will point out ways to maximize the value of your home.  

Take care and enjoy the Winter!

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Text your ADDRESS for a home value – 509-670-5532

PS – Don’t have a home or maybe you want to search for homes on the market or want to scout out the competition …


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