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You are the average of the 5 people you are with the most…

This maxim has been popularized by the self-improvement and business development industry because it holds true.

Our wealth, travel, health, career, and success is the average of the 5 people we are around with the most.   Knowing this maxim will change your life.  

Most of us have more than 5 people in our lives.  This gives us clarity on who we choose to be around the most because it makes a big impact.  

It gives us direction to whom we should seek out in our lives.  

Want to be more fit?  Hang out with fit people.
Want to make more money?  Hang out with people with more money than you.
Want to learn to fly?  Go to an airport and hang out with people that fly.
Want to be a better skier?  Hang out with great skiers

The inverse is true as well so, be careful.  Misery loves company.

This is the reason location matters in real estate.  

If you can sell your home and buy in a superior location you will not just upgrade your home you could be changing…

…Your wealth, career potential, safety, health, wellness, lifespan, skills, travel destinations, and much more.

Don’t allow your location to dictate your future.  Use the power of proximity and sell your home to move to a location with more upside for you and your family’s future.

Nick McLean 
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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