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You Built Up Equity…Now Upsize Your Lifestyle

Guide to downsizing and upsizing your lifestyle

Greg Wright is a listing partner for the Nick McLean Real Estate Group and he has an important message of transition for a generation of Americans just like him.

The wealth of most Americans comes from their home, but it’s still just their home. And the home wealth is great but that’s not riches. Riches come from the relationships we have with our family members and friends, the loved ones in our lives. And the importance of any relationship is being able to have time to develop and enhance those relationships.

I was thinking about this as I was able to go to the Bahamas with four generations of my family, and it was incredible. It was paradise. But even more than that was the opportunity to spend time with both my parents, which I’m so blessed to still have with me, and watch them spend time with my kids and also my grandkids.

That was all made possible by taking the wealth from my home and translating that into the riches and the valued relationships that I have in my life.

At the Nick McLean Real Estate Group, we are excited about helping people take the wealth they have been building in their homes and translating that into the riches of their relationships with their friends and family. Translating the hard-earned wealth into buying time and enriching the people that mean the most.

Whether it’s today or whether it’s years down the road. We’re glad to talk with you and excited to help you make the moves that count.

If you would like to start planning for the next adventures in life and are thinking about translating your wealth into the riches of spending more time with loved ones’ give the Nick McLean Real Estate Group a call or go to

Also, for a guide on how to start the downsizing process visit:

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