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Your Outcomes Come Down To This

Two types of mindsets shape the views of our world and, ultimately, our outcomes…

…when outcomes suddenly change, like a dip in the stock market or rising interest rates, the only thing that changed is the story we are telling ourselves.

People will always extrapolate what is currently happening now into the future, when prices go up, nobody questions if they continue to go up tomorrow. They know it isn’t about if they will go down; it is a question of when.

Nassim Taleb writes about the turkey problem.

‘The turkey problem is that we often mistake the continued absence of harm as evidence that there will be no harm. The turkey thinks that because there is no current evidence that the farmer is harming him (in fact, to the contrary, the farmer is feeding him quite well), that means that his future is secure.’

After the shock wears off from a sudden change in your environment, your future outcomes come down to your choice of one of two perspectives.

Are you a Passive or Active Person?

In writing, a passive verb is when the subject is receiving the verb. In an active verb, the subject performs the verb.

In life, the same holds. Some people receive actions, and there are people that perform actions.

Stephen King writes about passive voice, “I think timid writers like [passive verbs] for the same reason timid lovers like passive partners. The passive voice is safe.”

Being passive feels safe because you don’t run the risk of upsetting anyone because you may stand out from the crowd.

That is much like Thanksgiving Turkey. When in fact, you need to be active and change the environment in which you are in to get the desired outcomes.

Perspective matters. For instance, take Johnny and a dog. Exact words two different outcomes. Especially if you are Johnny.

Johnny bit the dog
The dog bit Johnny

People ask me why I ride my mountain bike so much. Because working out is a direct representation and reinforcement to me that I’m in control of my world.

When I was 12 years old, I started lifting weights. It was an amazing revelation to find that I was not destined for a certain outcome in life. If I put in the work, I can get better.

If I lifted 10 lbs today with my chosen effort, practice, and discipline, I would be able to lift 15 lbs next week.

From that moment on, I was addicted to growth. I know that I’m the subject of the story, and I will place actions upon the world. I will control my destiny through the choices, actions, and responsibilities I take on.

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