Your Ultimate Guide to Room-by-Room Staging Strategies

Your Ultimate Guide to Room-by-Room Staging Strategies

When selling your home, presenting it in its best light is crucial to attract potential buyers. Home staging plays a vital role in showcasing your property's full potential. Learn effective room-by-room staging strategies and find budget-friendly options as we go through. Get ready to elevate your home's appeal and increase your chances of a successful sale!

First stop- Living Room

  • Consider removing furniture that you think are unnecessary to create more space
  • A neutral colored curtain will help set the mood and make your living space feel light and relaxing
  • Make sure the room is well-lit 
  • Unleash your wire management skills and hide unwanted wires that may look unpleasing
  • Repaint your living room with neutral colors to keep it relaxing and allow the buyers to envision themselves in the space
  • Add in some spice by placing flowers in vases, coffee table books, or some candles
  • REMOVE PERSONAL ITEMS like photos and decor 

Second stop- Dining Room

  • Improve your fixtures and make sure the room is well lit by replacing burnt out lightbulbs
  • Add in some house plants to make the room feel homey 
  • Remove unnecessary clutter on the table
  • Set up the table

Up Next: Bedroom

  • Make sure to have fresh sheets
  • Remove your personal items on the bedside table 
  • Put in some throw pillows to add accent
  • Organize your closet and as much as possible make it look neater by using the same hangers

Fourth stop: Kitchen

  • Fix broken knobs or handles of your cabinets
  • Minimize the appliances
  • Ensure your counter is squeaky clean and free of unwanted items
  • Fix faucet leaks 
  • Remove unnecessary items from your cupboards

Home staging is an essential aspect of selling your home. By using this checklist, you can assess if you are ready to show your home to potential buyers. With an increased appeal, your chances of selling is HIGH! So don’t settle for less, put in some effort and see how big the impact of that is.

Happy staging! 

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