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Zillow VS. Nick McLean Who Wins?

Could it be that is the new Zillow of North-Central Washington real estate? The stats on the website have indicated that 51,000 people have visited the site in the last 31 days. 51,000 People!!

The website is the premier source when it comes to buyers looking for homes in this area. According to the National Association of Realtors, the top 2% of agents in the nation only get 100 inquiries per year! + Success. 

When it comes to advanced real estate marketing you must partner with the best. That is why even though Nick’s website gets a ton of visitors every single month, Nick’s team has a strategic partnership with Zillow. This means that when home buyers and sellers choose to use Zillow to look for homes, the Nick McLean Real Estate Group is one of their go-to premier agents. For Nick, the key to selling homes for the most money on his client’s timelines comes down to marketing and spending money in the right places so that their homes get in front of the most people ready to make a move.

Not every home gets offers of $50,000 to $100,000 over list price.

That’s only going to happen if:

  1.  You underpriced your home, which means it is under market value and people are happy to pay more than you listed it for.
  2. You go with an agent that has the marketing to achieve the most demand possible. Driving up the price and achieving true market value for your home. 

When it comes to selling your home wouldn’t it make sense that it should be on your timeline? 

The more strategic marketing your home receives the more demand your home will have. Expert marketing for your home leads to more offers, putting home sellers in the driver’s seat when it comes time to negotiate the timelines that work for them. 

If you want to know what your home would sell for in today’s market using Nick’s marketing and the power of, give us a call today, or google Nick McLean Real Estate. Get your home SEEN!

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