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Finding a home in 2022 with a Buyers Specialist

Finding a home in 2022 with a Buyers Specialist

Buying a Buying a home in today’s market takes a specialized agent with the right skill-set

  • Finding the right home in a competitive market
  • Helping you get ready so that you can make a qualified offer
  • Full representation, Exclusive Buyer Specialist
  • Listing alerts notifying you that a new listing meets your criteria
  • Writing and negotiating offers that win
  • Agents in it for the long haul

Nick McLean Real Estate Group Buyers Specialist

Get matched up with an agent that has the skill-set to maximize your homebuyer experience

Finding the right home in a competitive market

After the last two years of an extreme sellers market, inventory levels are rising but you still need an agent that uses all available resources to find the best home for their clients.

Buyers need to get access to motivated sellers who are looking to sell their homes.

Unlimited access to listing services- NWMLS & NCWMLS

Utilizing Video Walk-throughs for buyers that can’t make in person showings.

Provide a wide range of home options not available to the public.

Access to: New Construction, Home Builders, Bank Owned Properties, Short Sales, Estate Sales, Corporate-owned Homes and For Sale By Owners.

Reverse Prospecting – pick the neighborhoods you love and the agent uses all their resources to track down the home you want.

Helping you make a high-powered qualified offer

For those who are going to use financing to buy a home it’s always a good idea in a competitive market to have your loan and financing pre-approved.

Buyer Specialist that are helping clients through the buying process everyday have many resources and contacts to assist you finding financing that works for you.

It’s also important that your buyers agent have great communication with your lender so that they are able to avoid problems in the future.

Full Representation, An Exclusive Buyer Specialist

It’s important to have an agent that is only negotiating on your behalf. Protecting the interests of the you the buyer at all times.

Traditional real estate brokerages allow agents to represent the buyer and the seller on the same transaction. This is called “dual agency”.

Nick McLean Real Estate Group does not allow “dual agency”. The same agent will not represent both parties. Therefore, each party can feel confident that their agent is looking out for their interest only.

Agents need to be honest and deal in good faith.

Present all offers, notices and communications. Also, disclose all material facts known.

It is also important to have an agent that advises you to seek expert advice on matters that are beyond the agents expertise.

Listing alerts notifying you that a new listing meets your criteria

Be the first one through the door!

In a competitive marketplace buyers that see listings before everyone else have a major advantage.

Setting up a profile on allows buyers set up preferences and criteria to maximize their home search.

Writing and negotiating offers that win

Nick’s buyers specialists write multiple offers everyday and because of that they are able to craft offers that win.

Buyers specialists that know and understand your situation can advise you on the best approach when it comes to writing a competitive offer.

Sometimes offers need to be creative to stand out, you need a buyers specialist that can evaluate and negotiate the terms that will get you to the finish line.

Buying a home can be complex, Nick’s agent will explain all the forms and agreements.

Expert negotiation – Nick’s buyers specialist will protect your interests and advise you all the way through the home buying process.

Agents in it for the long haul

Whether you just started looking for a new home or you have been searching for a year, Nick’s buyers specialist can help you find the needle in the hay stack.

Because of the way the Nick McLean Real Estate Group is set-up, Nick’s buyers specialist are able to focus on finding homes for their clients…they don’t get bogged down like agents that work with buyers and sellers.

Nick’s expert buyers agents will also advise you when “not” to make an offer.

Even after you find and buy a home, Nick’s team is always available to help with advice and recommendations. From finding a contractor for a remodel or advice on what remodel projects get the most return on investment, Nick’s team of experts will be happy to give you lifetime support.