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    Nick McLean’s Guide to 5 Fruit Stands in the Wenatchee Valley

    The fruit is ripening in North Central Washington. As you drive down Hwy 2 or Hwy 97 you will see the acers of beautiful orchards. Mostly growing pears, a few apples, peaches, cherries and apricots. Where can you get your taste buds on local fruit fresh from the branch?

    5 Fresh Fruit Stands – Farmer Owned and Operated –in the Wenatchee Valley

    Eagle Rock Fruit Stand

    • Hwy 2 to near Cashmere

    Stutzman Rand Fruit Stand

    • Option to pick your own
    • Easy Street between Wenatchee and Cashmere

    Estes Fruit Stand

    • Hwy 2 in Orondo

    Feil Orchard Inc

    • Hwy 2 in East Wenatchee

    The Peach Man

    • Cascade Ave in East Wenatchee

    In July you can enjoy a variety of cherries, blueberries, apricots

    In August enjoy peaches, nectarines

    Fall has apples galore!!

    Pears are considered a ‘winter fruit’ because they are picked green and then need to wait (90 days) for their sugars to drop. Eat when they are yellow or slightly soft at the top of the pear.