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Nick McLean’s Guide to 7 Hiking Trails in Lake Chelan

North Central Washington has many gems but Lake Chelan is one of the best. Most people come for the crystal clear waters but don’t miss the hiking available to you around this beautiful lake.

Here are 7 of the best hiking trails around Lake Chelan

  1. Echo Ridge Summer Trail
  • 25 miles

2. Pot Peak

  • 9 miles

3. Devil’s Buck Bowl

  • 13 miles

4. Stormy Mountain

  • 1.5 miles

5. River Park Loop Trail

  • 1 mile

6. Chelan River Trail

  • 3 miles

7. Beebe Springs Wild Fire Area

  • 4.4 miles

This can be the best family fun you have had all summer. Hiking with the family or friends. Come and see the hidden gems of Lake Chelan hiking.