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Nick Mclean’s Guide to the best 3 taco trucks in Wenatchee

3 BEST TACO TRUCKS in Wenatchee

The goal here is to make your mouth water. If you are a taco lover these are a must stop-order-eat-and-be-happy taco trucks to visit. Carne Asada, Ground Beef, Chicken… Small corn tortillas… onions and cilantro…salsa.

Are you hungry yet?

The 3 best taco trucks in Wenatchee are

#1 Taqueria Luna

  • 821 S Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee
  • Open 9am – 9pm

#2 Tacos Tito

  • 907 S Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee
  • Open Wednesday to Monday

#3 El Tapitio Ferry St

  • 201 Ferry St, Wenatchee
  • Open 10-8 Mon – Sat, 10-6 Sunday