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Nick Mclean’s Guide to the Longest Day of Summer

The longest day of the year is on June 20, 2021 (Father’s Day). This is otherwise known as the summer solstice — the day the sun travels along its northern most path in the sky. This is the one day during the year we have the most day light hours and here is how we suggest you use these hours for maximum fun in the Wenatchee Valley.

Sun rise will be at 5:04 am on June 20.

5:00am Wake up/ make a cup of your favorite hot drink/ watch the sun rise

6:00am Eat a nourishing breakfast

7:00am ride your bike/ run/ walk on the Apple Capital Loop Trail

8:00am play at the Walla Walla park playground/Play Volleyball/ Kick a ball around

9:00am- 12:00pm Find our spot by the Columbia River at Confluence State Park for a morning of water fun

Remember to wish your father Happy Father’s Day!!!

12:00pm-4pm Drive West on Hwy 2 to Leavenworth and explore the town or go on a day hike

4pm Enjoy a cool walk down by the Wenatchee River/ Black Bird Island in Leavenworth

5-7pm Enjoy a long summer evening dinner with family and friends

7-9:01pm Find a spot to enjoy the sunset for the longest day of the year

Whatever you choose to do with family and friends in the Wenatchee Valley, we hope you enjoy every hour of the longest day of the year.