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    Nick McLean Guide Through the Wenatchee Valley

    What to do on Highway 2?

    3 Hikes minutes off Highway 2 in the Wenatchee Valley.

    Locals and tourists alike travel Hwy 2 through the Wenatchee Valley. If your kids are restless and your dog needs to pee then these are the spots we recommend for taking a break to stretch your legs.

    Here are 3 hikes 2min off Hwy 2.

    1. Peshastin Pinnacles State Park
    • This State Park is on North Dryden Rd
    • State Park Parking Pass REQUIRED
    • Level: Hard — some very steep assents but STEEP usually equals good views.
    • Hint: take the left hand trail(West) for an easier hike.

    2. Peshastin Mill Trail Park

    • This park is in the town of Peshastin – Turn on Main Street at the Peshastin bridge
    • Free parking
    • Level: EASY!! — flat as a pancake and less then a mile long

    3. Penstock Trail (Old Pipeline Trail)

    • This park starts right on Hwy 2 1.7 miles (going West) after the first gas station in Leavenworth (or after the Nick McLean office)
    • Free Parking but limited
    • Level: EASY!! — Flat

    Easy to get to.

    Fun time with family or alone.

    Great way to take a break when traveling through this stunning valley.

    Happy hiking!!

    Explored by Lara Kenoyer, Experience Creator