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    Nick McLean Guide to the Wenatchee Valley

    5 Best Playgrounds in the Wenatchee Valley

    Are you looking for great playgrounds for your little ones to get their wiggles out?

    Here are the top 5 playgrounds in Wenatchee to burn off all that pent up energy. You can run, swim, swing, slide and more…

    1. Rotary Park
    • 1810 Maple Street, Wenatchee (just off of Western)
    • Modern play ground
    • WATER PARK!!!
    • Tennis courts
    • Free Parking

    2. Lincon Park

    • 1410 S Mission St, Wenatchee
    • Large Wooden Play Structure
    • Fields to run in
    • Free Parking

    3. Walla Walla Park

    • 1351 Walla Walla Ave, Wenatchee
    • Next to the Columbia River
    • Large variety of play structures
    • Walking/Biking paved trails
    • Free Parking

    4.Pennsyvania Park

    • 219 Pennsylvania Ave, Wenatchee
    • Wading pool — Great for little little kids
    • Free Parking

    5. Wenatchee Confluence State Park

    • 333 Olds Station Rd, Wenatchee
    • Small play structure
    • Fields
    • By the Columbia River
    • Swimming area
    • Parking requires State Park Pass

    Have lots of fun playing.