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Private Client

Welcome Private Client to the NMREG Referral Network

Our team enjoyed working with you our Private Client and we would love to extend the same level of service, care, and results to people you care about that share the same values and qualities you do in life.

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Because you know the exact people that would gain the most value from our services.  As a private client, you’d like to extend to them the opportunity of referring our valued and trusted services to them.    We prefer your referrals to any other source of customers or clients.

Simply fill out this Private Client Referral Form so, that the selected team member can reach out and extend our Private Client Services to them immediately that is totally risk-free, pressure-free, and totally obligation-free.

Fill out this form to get started.

Private Client Referral Form

Our message to your referral will be taken with 100% care and fiduciary trust from day 1.  We willingly offer to confer with, review, advise, or at the very least talk or meet with anyone you refer to give the best trusted real estate service.  There will never be any expectation of purchase or listing.

What you may not know is our team has a referral network of trusted agents throughout the United States and Canada.  Simply fill out the same form for anyone you know that is looking for a trusted agent to purchase or sell throughout the USA and Canada and we will get them in touch with the very best and most trusted real estate professional in their marketplace.

Special Incentive –  As a Private Client we know you are referring people you know because you care about their quality of life improvement and well-being.  However, we want to thank you for thinking about our team when it comes to referring your network to our team for real estate services.  Upon submission, you will be receiving a $25 gift card to the e-mail you provide.   We rotate local businesses and restaurants to support so, each month you refer a contact will be a new surprise.

Private Client Referral Form