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Real Estate Scholarship

You know Real Estate could be the answer, but you

might be afraid to take the next step forward.

We understand.

Life change is entering the unknown and is scary. And becoming a real estate agent isn’t easy or cheap. Open up another tab and lookup the cost. It’s nearly $2,000 (course, books, licensure) in Washington and 90 credit hours of classes.

And after all of that you’ve heard horror stories of people who had become an agent and don’t make it. Working all odd hours, stressed out, only to close 1 or 2 deals in year one.

FYI – That only translates to around $10,000 for an entire 2,080 working hours in a year. And besides taxes you have to give a big % to your broker!

We understand if you’re hesitant to commit to a career in real estate.

Maybe, that doesn’t scare you. Maybe it fuels your fire and a career in real estate is attractive. But if it’s not, I get it. I’ve been there.

But, there is an easier way to launch a career in real estate and I am excited to share it with you.

I am Nick McLean.

I’ve literally sat where you are. Weighing the pros and cons. I got a degree to become a pilot! But when plans changed for me I turned to what many lost, yet ambitious, people turn to… real estate!

But I had no idea the struggles that laid ahead. I experienced the  failure, ups and downs, and learning curves that you might be about to face.

Most new agents are lucky if they find success even after busting their tail for a year. Many agents take years just to break $50,000… that’s gross earnings BTW, not what’s deposited in the bank.

And even then, the $50k is not consistent each year. Most agents tend to close a couple deals back to back and then have no idea when more money will come or where to get more clients.

But not at Nick McLean Real Estate Group.

I didn’t want anyone else to experience the struggle that I and other agents faced. I wanted to provide opportunity and systems that would make our agents the most effective and productive.

You see, we do real estate with a more personal touch than big box national brokers.

And we do real estate more effectively than other small time local brokers.

And you know what? Agent’s at Nick McLean Real Estate Group find bigger success, faster, than anywhere else.

It’s because of our unique approach.

First, we’re offering to commit to you, by PAYING your way through real estate school. No one else does that.

Second, you hit the ground running with extensive training. We don’t push you out of the nest without you knowing how to fly.

Third, and this is where it’s like nowhere else, simply no other brokerage offers the same support we do.

NMREG is like an all inclusive real estate resort.

The biggest one, LEADS. We do all the heavy lifting of marketing. You never have to look for or invest in finding your own business. Never have to consistently bug your friends and family. We also have professional photographers, people to place your signage, lock boxes, automatic follow up, appointment setting, do all your admin work…

All the small details that cost you hours and hours and hours… we take care of it.

NMREG agents get to focus on what they do best, help people.

Because we do all the tedious dirty work for you, you’re able to achieve a successful, stable, and scalable real estate career faster than anywhere else.

That means more time with your family, more focus on developing and perfecting your people skills, less stress doing a million tasks, and of course more money in your pocket, faster and more efficient then anywhere else.

(Just 2 Easy Steps)

You Might Consider A Career

In Real Estate If…

  • You wake up not wanting to get out of bed to go to work.

  • ​Your life feels stagnant and you want a career that changes daily.

  • ​Your morning commute fills you with road rage.

  • ​You can’t stand another one of those meetings.

  • ​Or, you look forward to those meetings to break the mind numbing monotony.

  • ​​Do your limited vacation days have to be approved?

  • ​​Are you happy only getting the minimum 3% raise every year?

  • ​Are your time and hours controlled and monitored?

  • You know you’re capable of more?

  • ​Is your work / life balanced?

  • ​Are you itching to make something of yourself?

  • ​Would you be happy doing the same thing you’re doing now in 5 years from?

  • ​Do you make the income you deserve?

  • ​Are you at a turning point in your life?

  • ​Do you KNOW there’s more out there for you?

Let Me Commit To YOU First


The Real Estate Scholarship

Have you dreamed of getting in real estate, but couldn’t afford to get started or wasn’t sure if it’s the right timing? If you’re a dedicated self starter, ready for a success-out-the-gate career in real estate with of the nations most innovative brokerages… THIS IS FOR YOU.

  • No clocking in and out.
  • Creating a schedule working with your clients.
  • You get to be your own boss.
  • Never have another “morning commute”.
  • See a variety of interesting local places.
  • No pointless meetings, only with people who matter.
  • Take time off whenever you need.
  • Earn consistent big checks for helping people find dream homes.
  • Earn as much, or modest, of a paycheck as you want. No ceiling.
  • No roller coaster, feast or famine months.
  • No one’s breathing down your neck.
  • No wearing a dozen hats. Focus on doing what you enjoy and do best.
  • Pursue who you’re capable of being, with team support.
  • Full team of professional in-house support staff, from marketing to photography to www.
  • Stay and grow, but never feel stuck.
  • Make the income you DESERVE.

If the above fuels your fire then I want to put you through real estate school.

Think you’re a fit for our team?


We do real estate differently, and that includes how we hire. Just a couple of simple steps. Let’s start with some basic info.

Nick McLean Real Estate Group

will be your DREAM career move if…

  • You want to look forward to work each morning.

  • ​Closing 25-30+ deals a year is a dream come true for you.

  • ​You have a pursuit for financial freedom.

  • ​You’re a team player.

  • ​An no ceiling income sounds like a limitless sky.

  • ​You follow through with commitments.

  • ​You’re ready to open the door when opportunity knocks.

  • ​You enjoy being a master of your job, rather than being a jack-of-all trades.

  • ​You enjoy challenges that offer big rewards.

  • ​You don’t want to stress over running your own business.

  • ​You like to work with people and touring homes.

  • ​You like to see your hard work literally pay off with a high income.

  • ​You embrace personal growth.

  • ​You’re committed to success.

Nick McLean Real Estate

and the Scholarship is NOT for you if…

  • A career in real estate is something you’re just considering at the moment.

  • ​You don’t tend to follow through with commitments.

  • ​You like to take excessive time off.

  • ​You’re only looking for part-time work, or to be a part-time agent.

  • ​You over indulge in night-life and too many lazy weekends.

  • ​You’re not a team player and pride yourself as a lone wolf.

  • ​You don’t enjoy harder work for a bigger payoff.

  • ​You’d rather sit on your couch and binge watch shows evenings and weekends.

  • ​You’d trade effort for ease and prefer jobs with little responsibility and okay pay.