1. Declutter and clean up the yard and front entry.

  • This is the most important thing you can do if you don’t have time for the anything else. Simply removing any junk or debris, will make your listing pictures look much better and bring home buyers attention to your home.
  • Mowing and trimming the lawn and removing any weeds.
  • Wash the exterior of your home with a hose or power washer (but caution, if you use a power washer make sure that it’s not going to chip any paint off of the home)
  • Here is a bonus tip: buy a hose rack or hose wind up.

2. Evaluate your doors, if they are worn or dirty it might be a good idea to either paint or replace them. 

  • We see that replacing old garage doors with new adds great curb appeal and it can really refresh the front of the home.
  • Touch up any chipping paint on or around the front door.
  • Painting a front door or doorway is not too difficult or expensive and it will set a good first impression as buyers enter your home.

3. Add Flowers and put in some new rocks or Mulch

  • Flowers and mulch are fairly inexpensive and make your home look inviting, warm abd well kept.
  • Setting a few fresh flower pots on the entry is always a good idea.

4. And Finally if you have room add some nice outdoor furniture to the front porch and a brand new welcome mat.

  • Your going to want to avoid camping chairs
  • Buyers like to imagine sitting on the porch with their coffee and good book. So keep it simple with just two chairs and a small table is often best. A couple throw pillows with color is also a nice addition as long as the space is covered.

And those are 4 easy ways to add a wow factor to your curb appeal.

If you have any questions or you would like some additional tips on ways to get your home ready to sell, reach out to us and we would be happy to drop by your home and help you get a game plan together.


I want some advice on how to maximize my curb appeal

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